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I love magic and have a genuine desire to provide an unforgettable experience to everyone I perform for. I also love weddings and having fun so I'm sure its no surprise that I decided to focus my efforts in performing magic at weddings!

My magic journey started about 20 years ago when I was shown a card trick, which I couldn't explain. Also having watched TV magicians such as David Blaine, Paul Zenon and Derren Brown I was hooked on a path which has led me to where I am today.

Over these years I’ve worked extremely hard at honing my skills and decided to enter some competitions to see how I would fair. The hours of planning and preparation payed off as I won my first close-up club competition, which then gave me entry into the well regarded Midlands Champion of Champions. This competition pits all of the midlands club winners against each other to be crowned the best close-up performer in the Midlands, which I won!

I am a member of the prestigious "Magic Circle" so I can't share any of my secrets. I have also created a number of magical effects that have been used by other magicians all around the world, including TV performances.

My ethos is all about sharing magical moments with others and creating memories that will stay with you forever.


Being a experienced wedding magician, I know what effects will work best to bring your guests together and have them talking about your wedding for a long time after the event.

I always have an amazing time performing and I love it when I get to see the images captured by the photographer as they're always fantastic. To make the wedding photographers job a little easier I'll liaise with them to ensure they know the right time to capture your guests having a great time, which will save you time scrolling through potentially hundreds of photos which were taken at the wrong time.

As you can see below and throughout the site, I've selected a few photos sent to me from previous weddings I've performed at to give you an idea of the quality of photos you should expect to receive.

Lolly superhero
Bamboozling the youngsters
What just happened?
The shock factor
Lots of laughter
Sentimental magic
Top table effects
Something a little greater
Think of a card
Magic that connects
The element of surprise
Applause and bedazzlement
Swirl Top


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