How much does a wedding magician cost?

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So you want to get an idea of how much you should budget to have a wedding magician perform on your special day? The likelihood is you’ve stumbled across this article as you searched for ‘wedding magician cost’ in Google. Well in short, there’s no definitive fee I could quote that would encompass all of the variables for a wedding. Everyone’s wedding day is different and prices for wedding magicians can also vary hugely from region to region.

There’s also a number of factors that the magician will need to consider in order to accurately quote you for your specific needs on the day, which is best discussed before any quote is made. As you can imagine a wedding on a Thursday in January is likely to be a lot cheaper than a Saturday in July or August. If you are going to make some enquiries for a quote then make sure you provide as many details as possible, though hopefully all the questions will be asked on the contact form so you can get an accurate price straight away.

Professional wedding magician cost

Generally speaking a professional magician is likely to quote anywhere in the region of £400 – £1500, but obviously this estimation doesn’t specify any details or performance lengths. Did you notice I emphasised professional? Of course it’s possible to get much cheaper quotes, but not from a professional. They’ll likely be from inexperienced magicians, who have watched a few poorly performed ‘tutorial’ videos on YouTube and think they’ll be the next Dynamo. If that’s what you’re looking for then that’s fine, but if you want to ensure top quality entertainment then keep reading…

So what should you look for?

A professional website

Does the magician have a website that looks professionally made? Let’s be honest, it’s not difficult to create an account with a website such as Wix and create a free site with an online builder. So here’s a list of a few things to look out for:

  • Does the website have a good address e.g. or is it something like this
  • Is the website secure? Does it start with https:// rather than http:// so that any data you send is encrypted and not able to be intercepted by hackers?
  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Does the site contain the magicians contact details (phone number, email and address?)
  • Does the contact email address use the websites domain name e.g. [email protected] or is it a free hotmail or gmail address?
  • Does the website include professional quality images and videos showcasing the magician performing at weddings?

If you can tick all these boxes then its a good start, but what else should you look out for?

Member of ‘The Magic Circle’

Magic Circle Member - Wedding magician costHow do you know if they’re any good if you’ve not seen them yourself? Well unfortunately there is no regulating body for magic, so this may require a little research on your part. Firstly I would check to see whether they’re a member of the world famous Magic Circle, which you can lookup here. If they are, I’m fairly confident the logo will be prominent on the magicians website. Entry requires the applicant to be supported by two existing members of The Magic Circle who can vouch for their suitability.

Secondly applicants must successfully pass an extensive interview and examination (audition) where they are judged on their magical ability and presentation skills, so it at least indicates they perform to this standard. I will add that there are magicians who are not members and are also excellent performers, but being a member gives you more credibility.

Live Footage and Photos

Photos are always a good indicator that the magician is professional and regularly performs at weddings. If there is a lack of images showing the magician performing across a range of weddings or venues then it only leads to the question why? Many of the professional photographers  and couples I have worked with are happy to forward photos of me performing at their weddings, many of which you can see scattered around the site.

Magic for the Bride and Groom - Kev G Wedding Magician cost

A professional magician will more than likely have a show reel or professionally shot video that demonstrates their style and the type of magic they perform. This is possibly one of the most useful tools to help you decide whether the magician will be suitable for you wedding, if you’ve not met them in person.  Let’s face it, you’re looking for someone who will enhance your day for you and your guests so you need to know they’ll fit in and provide quality entertainment.


Reviews are really important, as they provide some social proof that other people have had a good time and enjoyed the entertainment provided and the magician did his job well or even beyond expectations. Now, anyone could make up a quote and put it on their website so it’s sensible to only trust those that come from verified sources or specialist review platforms such as Yell, Facebook and Google.


You need to be confident that the magician you book will provide you with an outstanding service from start to finish. Here’s a list of a few things you should expect from a professional wedding magician:

  • You receive a prompt reply to your enquiries or further questions.
  • You receive a booking confirmation / contract which specifies all the details you’ve discussed.
  • You receive confirmation  receipts of any payments made.
  • They can quickly provide a copy of their PLI (public liability insurance) certificate, which many wedding venues insist on in order for the magician to perform. I am a member of equity and have cover up to £10,000,000.
  • To turn up on time, look good, smell good, and perform some amazing magic for you and your guests.

The magician should then follow up the booking, within the next few days to ensure you were happy with the service they provided. Writing a review of your experience is a great way to help others decide if the magician will work for them.


If you’ve read all of the advice above, hopefully it has helped you to get a better idea of what will work for you on your big day. Your guests will thank you for booking a wedding magician as they will generate lots of laughter and amazement, which will get your guests talking and create memories they’ll never forget. You’ll also get fantastic  photos of your guests reacting to the magic and having fun.

I may not have directly answered the question of ‘How much does a wedding magician cost?’ but for a few hundred pounds it will likely be one of the smaller parts of your wedding budget, which I’m confident you won’t regret.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and you’ve decided I’m your man, then please get in touch and we’ll discuss your perfect day.